To OneRaleigh from the North

South East Expressway South to Route 3

Route 3 South

Take Exit 12 (route 139 Marshfield, Pembroke)

At the bottom of the ramp go Right (139 East)

You will follow 139 east for about 7 miles, during this time you will pass Taylor Lumber, the center of Marshfield, and then the Police Station.

About a mile or so after the Police Station you will see Nessralla’s Farm Stand on the left (there is a mini mart and stuff on the right)

Take a left immediately after the Farm Stand, this is Winslow Street

There are little roads on the right beginning with Primrose Lane – count them.

Take your 11th right (the 10th is Ford St) – this is also Winslow Street.

Go to the end of this short Winslow and take a left (this is Circuit Ave)

Take your first right off of Circuit – this is Raleigh Road – you will see no trespassing signs but maybe not a street sign.

We are the first house on the left.

To The Independence Mall and Plymouth

(The shortcut)

Head out to Winslow Street and take a left.

Take a right at the bottom of the hill (rt 139 east)

Just after the Police station, take a left onto Parsonage Street

Go straight through the stop sign.

You will come to a forked intersection, take a right (Moraine St), then take an immediate left.  Now you are on Walnut Street, but it becomes Franklin St in Duxbury in a few yards.

You will bear to the left at the next fork this is Lincoln St

Stay on Lincoln St until you come to the roundabout (the cars in the roundabout have the right of way – it is kind of like jumping in when playing jumprope)

Take an immediate right out of the roundabout.

You will travel over Rt 3 then take a left onto Rt 3 South.

The Independence Mall is at exit 8 on Rt 3 South.

Keep going to Exit 6 if you’d like to visit Plymouth Center

Or, keep going to exit 4 for Plimoth Plantation.

If you keep going South you’ll find yourself on Cape Cod. (Wicked bad traffic on the weekend.)

To Boston’s Back Bay 

Drive North on Route 3  then, at Braintree bear Right – this is 93 North.

Stay on 93 North

Take exit 18. Follow the signs for Back Bay.  You will go through three stop lights and then bear slightly right.

After your bear right, at the second stop light take a left.  This is East Berkeley Street.

East Berkeley Street becomes Berkeley Street.

You will cross Boylston Street.

At the next street, take a left.  This is Newbury Street.

You will cross Clarendon and Dartmouth Streets while on Newbury.

Just after the Dartmouth Street intersection there is a parking lot.

Or you can continue to Exeter Street and take a left.  There is a parking garage immediately on you left.

Or you can continue across Boylston Street again and you will find a parking garage about ½ way up the block on you left.

If all else fails, keep going straight through the light and park at Copley Place.