No matter what time of year, no matter what the weather, the view of the ocean is always spell-binding.  Right off shore, Massachusetts Bay meets Cape Cod Bay. Massachusetts Bay is one of the large bays of the Atlantic Ocean that form the distinctive shape of the coastline of Massachusetts. The bay is enclosed on the north by Cape Ann, with Boston Harbor and the City of Boston at the westernmost point.  It is this bay that lends Massachusetts the nickname of “the Bay State.”

At Christmas, Cristi watches the waves instead of the pinata.

Just to the south is Cape Cod Bay. Some consider Cape Cod Bay to be part of Massachusetts Bay, which would extend Massachusetts Bay to include the entire rectangular area of ocean between Cape Ann and Cape Cod.

While the Bay generally keeps the neighborhood more temperate during the winter, we also have “bay effect” snow when cold Canadian air blows over the waters of the Massachusetts Bay to dump lots of snow on us. The heavy storms bring higher tides, which sometimes swallow the dunes completely.

The tide rises into the dunes in winter.

Early spring brings subtle changes as the days lengthen and the water warms.

Even in the midst of a heat wave, the ocean cools us.

There is simply nothing more beautiful in the summer.  And the sound of the waves at night is the best sleep aid ever.

Come fall, the color of the water changes.